I've spent some time refreshing this game. You can play the newer edition of the game over here.

Pucker Up (Linux Game Jame 2017)




  • Q -- Move outter shield counter clock wise
  • W -- Move outter shield clock wise
  • O -- Move inner shield counter clock wise
  • P -- Move inner shield clock wise
  • R -- Reset the game

Toggle the switch at the top to show/hide controls for mobile. (They're very experimental.)

(I'm sorry for the QWOP control sceheme... It happened by accident, I swear.)


Pucker Up was a game that I made over a weekend (plus a Monday) for the Linux Game Jam 2017. It is built with the Nim Programming Langauge, libSDL2, and OpenGL. For this web version, I ported it to HTML5 and had it target the JavaScript backend. You can find the original source code up on up on GitLab (or GitHub if you prefer).

I'd like to give special thanks to the people who work on Nim, and jsfxr.

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