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Folding a <div>

I made this code originally for the navigation menu (of the mobile layout) on this site.  It shows you how to show/hide a <div> (that's contained in another one).  The original code makes use of the animation package on pub, so that code is commented out there if you want to use it.  animation is used to make the folding smooth and not instant.




We have the fold area contained inside of a <div> with the id of foldable and has the class content.  The header section contains two spans, one being the title and the other being the button.  Most of the CSS is just for making this look pretty the but the overflow: hidden property for content is important so the text doesn't bleed past the <div>.


Dart Code

in the main() function we grab the two important divs #foldable .content and #foldable .button using querySelector(), then we add a listener for click events on the button.

_closeOrOpen() is the most important function since it's what actually will hide/show the content.  In toggleFold() we toggle the boolean divOpen and then call the function _closeOrOpen().


Animating It

For a smoother transition (using the animation package), we grab the size of the #foldable .content region before doing anything.  We want the animation to close the content area in about a 1/3 of a second.  We setup the properties map to change the height to either 0px or the original size, and set it in motion using the animate() function.  Right after that too, we have to call _closeOrOpen() as well, but after the animation is done.

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