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One Year of Blit

Back around mid to late July in 2014 I set out to create Blit. One year on now (as of last Wednesday), I've made a lot of progress from practically nothing. Thinking back I ask myself “why did I want to make Blit?”

I've made many other projects before. Some of them successes whereas others were really failures (cough buzz cough). Those projects had something in common. They were short, small, and contained. When I look back on all of the stuff that I've made, I noticed that there was nothing that I could call a “grand,” or “large,” project. I wanted something that I could call a major project that I built. More importantly I wanted to know how to manage a larger project; something I've never done before.

So I set a goal for myself: “Make something large. Something that you can never really call 'complete,' but work on it for an entire year.” That's what I did. I had nothing more than a silly GitHub streak to motivate me. It now says “371 days.” There were a few days where all I did was just update a TODO file, add some extra documentation, or ones that I didn't want to work on it at all (but I did anyways).

Blit still isn't really what I originally imaged it to be. Some sort of 2D Animation solution for pixel art and larger things (and hopefully pencil testing too). And I'm still not sure 100% what I want out of it. I consider what I've done so far to be nothing more than a prototype for a future vision.

I've met my goal of “work on something for a year,” but I plan to still chug along with it until I feel that I'm done. It's been fun so far.

Here are some stats:

  • 371 days of continuous development (avg. one hour per day, more on the weekends)
  • 75,868 additions / 47,902 deletions
  • 7,846 lines of code (core application, mostly C++ w/ Qt)
  • 2,887 commits
  • 352 tickets
  • 247 closed
  • 105 open
  • 43 more issues until the next one
  • 12 (active) branches
  • 1 (and a 1/2) milestones completed
  • 1 contributor (me)

This is what my network looks like.


Tags: Computer Graphics, Projects, Blit, Animation

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