Random Art in WebGL


Please read this page here if you're new to random art. This toy differs from that description, in that (const), doesn't use 4 channels (ARGB) but only three (RGB). E.g. (const 1 0.75 -0.4 0.9) is not valid but (const 0.75 -0.4 0.9) is. And compared to the original Python implementation (mix)'s weight parameter (the first one) does work.

If you don't what to do, I suggest setting K to somewhere between 2 and 5, and pressing the "Generate Random" button a few time; You'll start to spot the patterns of how the language works.


R, G, B[-1, 1]
f[any valid real number]

N(const R G B)
N(var x)
N(var y)

N(sum N N)
N(mul N N)
N(mod N N)
N(sin f f N)
N(level f N N N)
N(mix N N N)
N(tent N)
N(well N)

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