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Status Update 3

Hey, I'm still alive here.

I meant to post something back in March, but I was quite busy with school. I've been off for a month now; mainly just have been decompressing. Went camping up in the Adirondacks which was a lot of fun, but mainly was just catching up on all the Burn Notice I've missed since starting college. One of the main things I did for this site was move it over from a Raspberry Pi running in the corner of my apartment over to this "cloud," thingy. It was fun while it lasted.

As for my projects, I've had to put the coffee machine on hiatus and I've added some more features and changes to the CHIP-8 emulator. I've got something else (much smaller) in the works right now. You can expect a post on each soon enough.

Tags: Site Updates, Status Update

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