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Status Update 8
So it's been quite a bit since I last did an update. A few months short of two years to be exact. I've been fairly busy with work and some other long term personal projects. But in the meantime, I did get to release a much smaller one; Basson, a cross platform audio playback engine for C#/.NET Core:

I created this since I wanted to be able to do audio playback in C# on Linux, Windows, and OS X. While there were some packages available on NuGet, they were not preferable to me, so I took the time to make my own. It's hobbled together using P/Invoke bindings to `libsndfile` and PortAudio. At the moment it does not support MP3 decoding (though that is planned), which is one of the main drawbacks. And you also need to build the native dependencies yourself, but a CMake file is provided to handle that. In the future, I hope to also add some more features such as audio recording and some minor effects. So far I am happy with it.

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Drawing the C# Networking Tutoral Series to a Close

So I haven't updated it in about 4-5 months. I think that It's time that I get rid of the "hiatus," marker on the side and say that it's officially over. I was planning on covering things like SSL and async Sockets, and maybe exploring some 3rd party libraries. But I think it might be better to say that it's officially over rather than to have this monkey on my back. I have a new job to deal with and my interest in C# has waned a little.

If you would like to, you can read some more details about the conclusion here. For those of you who never knew about it, you can start the course here.

The ride was fun and educational to me as well. Thanks.

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C# Networking Tutorials

I've been hard at work to make sure that the new "Tutorials," section works well and functions the way I intended it to. Nearly every day I've been finding and fixing a new bug. Anyways, to kick it off, I will be running a series of tutorials around C#'s Networking API (the System.Net namespace). You can find it over here.

There isn't much there now, but expect more soon!

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Another Site Update
I decided to take some time this Friday to add a new section to my site; Tutorials.

I got rid of the old "pages," sections (it was kind of sad), but I still have some things that I do want to share. There isn't any content there yet, but expect some stuff soon. I'm thinking of some C# networking tutorials. The url is here: https://16bpp.net/tutorials/

I'm still working on those "look & feel," updates as well.

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