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Now Mobile Friendly(-ish)
I've been working on a few C# networking tutorials for the past few weeks, but for the past two days, instead of beginning on the next one (which is about compression), I thought it would be best to spend my time fixing up the underlying HTML & CSS of this site. And in turn make my site a bit more smart device friendly

I learnt how to do web dev back in 2008. Back then you didn't have to worry about smart phones or tablets then. It was common practice to lay out your website using the <table> tag. Now that's considered bad practice. It was a little bit difficult to wrap my head on how to use <div>'s at first to accomplish the look that i wanted, but I think that it works much, MUCH better now.

I still have some CSS I need to clean up for the Tutorials sections; I'll be doing that tomorrow. I'll try to include some toggles to collapse the navigation menu in the near future.

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New Logo!

I've been making a lot of fixes here and there and working on some new content, but this one I've been looking forward to (and dragging my feet on): A new logo!

The first logo was actually supposed to be just a temporary logo until I could flesh out my original ideas for one.

The first one

It stayed here for 3+ years, and I grew a little attached to it. So I decided to incorporate it into the new one.

The second one

I always wanted something that was a lot more colourful. Parts of it were procedurally generated (but not much). I'd say I'm happy with it.

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Another Site Update
I decided to take some time this Friday to add a new section to my site; Tutorials.

I got rid of the old "pages," sections (it was kind of sad), but I still have some things that I do want to share. There isn't any content there yet, but expect some stuff soon. I'm thinking of some C# networking tutorials. The url is here: https://16bpp.net/tutorials/

I'm still working on those "look & feel," updates as well.

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Site Updates

A few days ago, I made a few improvements to the CMS of this site. They include:

  1. Adding SSL. The EFF's Certbot made this dead easy. I'd recommend this to you if you want SSL for your personal site.
  2. Update to Django 1.9. I was running on a beta of 1.6 for a while...
  3. Database switch from SQLite to MySQL. The former is better for small things, but I should have been using the latter instead.

I've also got some look & feel updates coming soon for the site.

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Status Update 3

Hey, I'm still alive here.

I meant to post something back in March, but I was quite busy with school. I've been off for a month now; mainly just have been decompressing. Went camping up in the Adirondacks which was a lot of fun, but mainly was just catching up on all the Burn Notice I've missed since starting college. One of the main things I did for this site was move it over from a Raspberry Pi running in the corner of my apartment over to this "cloud," thingy. It was fun while it lasted.

As for my projects, I've had to put the coffee machine on hiatus and I've added some more features and changes to the CHIP-8 emulator. I've got something else (much smaller) in the works right now. You can expect a post on each soon enough.

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Added a "Contact," Page

Instead of studying for my CS Theory final, I thought it would be a better use of my time to add a "Contact," page for this site. I'm not sure if that was the best idea in the world, but I've still got 3 days until the exam. :P

Anways, it's something I've wanted to add for a week or two now. The more I've been using Django, I've really grown to love it more and more. Using all their fun tools for forms made adding user generated content much simplier. I remember years ago working in PHP this stuff. It wasn't too bad, but it was a lot more... manual.

If you want to shoot me a message, you can do so here.

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Pagination Added

Something that I've wanted to add to this blog was a pagination feature, but I didn't see the need for it now because I only had a few posts. But it's now added and enabled. By default, I have it showing only five posts per page. One of the reason why I love Django is because of its pagination tool, which really makes my life easier. You can see the paginator in the upper right hand corner of the blog. I might move the location later on, but it looks nice and cosy right up there.

I actually had the update done before the end of last weekend, but I was a little lazy on uploading it to my webserver. As for future stuff, I'm going to get a contact page up soon as well as some more tutorials/walkthroughs.

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First Tutorial Added (and Markdown support)

So for the past couple of days I've had a little break, so I decided to write a tutorial/walkthrough on how to deploy Django with Apache & mod_wsgi. When deploying the Python/Django port of my blog, I found it wasn't easy to do. My issue was that there weren't any tutorials online that walked you through all of the steps; all of the information seemed to be scatered. So I decided to write my own. If you're interested, you can find it under the "Pages," section (or here is a direct link).

On top of that too, I decided to add in Markdown support for content here. I was going to install CKEditor but I figured Markdown was simple and quick enough. Normally I would go over to the CKEditor Demo and write my content in there, then paste it into a text box here, but this is much more convient to do. On top of that, I added an extra thing that will let me chose whether I want to work with straight up HTML or Markdown syntax.

Content Type Selector

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Migration to Django

Over the past week I've had some free time, so I decided to do something I wanted to do: move this website over to a Python based system.  The weekend before the last, I spent some time in a car ride learning the Django framework and really fell in love with it.  The old CMS script was something written using PHP and the CodeIgniter framework.  I spent the better part of 3-4 days porting over the code, and about 3 days getting the server setup and web app deployed. The only thing that I lost was the "1st," "2nd," "3rd," "[4-0]th," endings on the date.

I might later make a post talking about the pros and cons of using each but in a nutshell this was my experience:

  Easy to Develop Easy to Deploy
Django Yes No
CodeIgniter No Yes
(You're mileage might vary.)

Since Django deployment was such a pain for me, yet I figured it out, I'll be posting a tutorial soon on how to do it.

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"Pages," Section Added

So for my first site updated, I decided to add in a "pages," section.

If you're wondering what is the purpose of having a separate section for something like this, I've got two reasons:

  1. It's for content that I don't feel is necessary for my blog here.
  2. I want it to have a different style, and making a separate section is a lot simplier.

There isn't any content there yet.  I'll need to find something to write about first. :P

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