Now Mobile Friendly(-ish)
I've been working on a few C# networking tutorials for the past few weeks, but for the past two days, instead of beginning on the next one (which is about compression), I thought it would be best to spend my time fixing up the underlying HTML & CSS of this site. And in turn make my site a bit more smart device friendly

I learnt how to do web dev back in 2008. Back then you didn't have to worry about smart phones or tablets then. It was common practice to lay out your website using the <table> tag. Now that's considered bad practice. It was a little bit difficult to wrap my head on how to use <div>'s at first to accomplish the look that i wanted, but I think that it works much, MUCH better now.

I still have some CSS I need to clean up for the Tutorials sections; I'll be doing that tomorrow. I'll try to include some toggles to collapse the navigation menu in the near future.
New Logo!

I've been making a lot of fixes here and there and working on some new content, but this one I've been looking forward to (and dragging my feet on): A new logo!

The first logo was actually supposed to be just a temporary logo until I could flesh out my original ideas for one.

The first one

It stayed here for 3+ years, and I grew a little attached to it. So I decided to incorporate it into the new one.

The second one

I always wanted something that was a lot more colourful. Parts of it were procedurally generated (but not much). I'd say I'm happy with it.

Another Site Update
I decided to take some time this Friday to add a new section to my site; Tutorials.

I got rid of the old "pages," sections (it was kind of sad), but I still have some things that I do want to share. There isn't any content there yet, but expect some stuff soon. I'm thinking of some C# networking tutorials. The url is here:

I'm still working on those "look & feel," updates as well.
Site Updates

A few days ago, I made a few improvements to the CMS of this site. They include:

  1. Adding SSL. The EFF's Certbot made this dead easy. I'd recommend this to you if you want SSL for your personal site.
  2. Update to Django 1.9. I was running on a beta of 1.6 for a while...
  3. Database switch from SQLite to MySQL. The former is better for small things, but I should have been using the latter instead.

I've also got some look & feel updates coming soon for the site.

Status Update 3

Hey, I'm still alive here.

I meant to post something back in March, but I was quite busy with school. I've been off for a month now; mainly just have been decompressing. Went camping up in the Adirondacks which was a lot of fun, but mainly was just catching up on all the Burn Notice I've missed since starting college. One of the main things I did for this site was move it over from a Raspberry Pi running in the corner of my apartment over to this "cloud," thingy. It was fun while it lasted.

As for my projects, I've had to put the coffee machine on hiatus and I've added some more features and changes to the CHIP-8 emulator. I've got something else (much smaller) in the works right now. You can expect a post on each soon enough.

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